Pulchritudinous at West Tampa Center for the Arts


Pulchritudinous Art Exhibit

Reception: Friday November 18, 2011 from 7–10pm
Exhibition Closes: December 2, 2011

‘pul-chr-tu-di-nous: physically beautiful; comely’

WTCA invites you to experience its first building wide art event of the new 2011/2012 season. Pulchritudinous is a multi media exhibition exploring and challenging the idea of beauty as perceived in our society and in our personal ideology. The result has been a wide range of very personal and social interpretations, in all media including photography, painting, installations, performance art, and music with a general aesthetic quality questioning what is truly beautiful.

Amy Royale (in WTCA’s Gallery 209): Premier Artist: Her work deals with the ideal female body image and how it conforms to an ultimate standard of perfection. Bravely, she presents her own profound issues with her body; guilt, pain, aggression, anger, and her final love and acceptance for her true self and her body. The work challenges the viewer’s idea of beauty as she presents us with images of her contorted excess skin, ultimately drawing us into the beauty of form. Amy worked closely with Director Maida Millan to achieve the highest standards for the evening and helped set the flow of work in this art show.

David Gabbard: installation. David has dabbled in almost all areas of art, but his heart is tied to sculpture and installation. For this show he will be strategically placing mirrors throughout the space. This becomes an interactive piece, where the viewer becomes the art. It also questions our ideas of beauty and vanity. When we see a mirror do we always want to look at ourselves? Is what we see beauty? Mirrors will be placed in places that force you to look at other parts of your body as well, not just your face.

Selina Roman: Photography– floating images of burqas. The Burqa Project deals with various themes — anonymity, loneliness, beauty, motherhood, family, safety and sexuality among others.

Gabriel Ramos: Photography. He is known for building structures and landscapes out of paper, submerging them in water and photographing them. For this show he will be using paper and lights to imitate the body through photography.

Scott Draft: Digital Video and Electronic Arts and Printmaking at the University of South Florida in pursuit of a BFA. Using the expansiveness of video as a medium he weaves intense mood inducing video collages that remark on the manic impression of mass media upon the human psyche and the initiative of creator and viewer. Patience is a Virtue (The Fountain / Recontextualizing the Viewer) from the Purity of Film series.

Alex Torres: Local and established artist whose disengaged faces and abstracts,engages the viewer to re-evaluate what and where the true sense of self is.

Please join us and meet the artists, visit the open studios of the resident Santaella artists and professionals in this most unique former cigar factory. An evening that promises to be filled with exciting works of art and personal artistic revelations. And more emerging / established artists featured and Performance Art!

Incredible music by Ministry of Sound, U.K., artist and DJ, Nikki d’Kat (a Tampa native recently moved from L.A.). A world class cross-over Producer, Jazz/Blues Vocalist, Recording artist, London Undergoround Radio DJ, Nikki will provide the perfect blend to a very special evening.

Free and open to the public; a donation of $3 is deeply appreciated. Donation Bar, Appetizers